How J. Hirsch Interior Design Works

_MG_6388.tif-A.tif-ACreating a comfortable space, which is both beautiful and functional for your family is no small feat. The team at J. Hirsch Interior Design approaches each step of the interior design process with a classically trained eye, and the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your project results in an elegant, timeless space that will work for your family for many years to come.

Our first step is to get to know you and learn your specific design goals during a personal consultation at the project location. Whether we’re discussing an entire house design, a bathroom renovation or updates to an existing room, we will be working to understand the space’s intended use. We want to hear about your kids, pets, hobbies, etc., as they will all play a role in the final design. This is also a great time for clients to share photos of example spaces that speak to them, so we may begin to understand the feel we will be working to achieve with the final design.

After our initial meeting, the J. Hirsch Interior Design team will begin to make selections on items such as flooring, textiles and furnishings. This is also the point we begin pulling together room layouts. As we work through the product selections we will reach out to our clients to share our thoughts and ideas and gain approval. Our client approval meetings will mostly happen in person, with support via e-mail. This could take just a few, or many gatherings, depending on the size and scope of the project.

A benefit of working with J. Hirsch Interior Design is once client approval is given, we deal with all of the details and logistics to ensure everything is just as you expect and on time for installation. There will be no need for any worry on your end, our team will be working to provide a seamless design process for all of our clients.

_MG_6410.tif-AWhen it comes to project duration, this varies greatly and can last anywhere from three to six months to one to three years. Once we have our initial client consultation, we can provide a better idea for your specific project timeline. Keep in mind some of our client’s favorite features – and ours too – are the custom and special orders, which can take months to arrive.

The J. Hirsch Interior Design team works with a crew of trusted professionals when contractors come in to play on our projects. We have worked to develop relationships with people we feel meet the high standards we put in place for ourselves, so that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful results achieved when we work together to complete your project.

Lastly, it is installation time – ours, and typically our client’s favorite part of any project! This is when we see all of our planning, preparation and hard work come to fruition in your stunning new space. Ideally, installations happen all at one time, as long as most of our orders have come in. Although this is an exciting time, it can also get overwhelming. We ask our clients to trust in us and our expertise; this is key to successful project completion.

womanofpower_modernluxuryOnce everything is in place and we are satisfied with what we have achieved, we do a walk-through with our clients to show them everything we have collaborated on and how it has come together. It is always our goal at J. Hirsch Interior Design to ensure our client’s happiness with the end result and discuss how their goals at the start of the project have been met.

The best part of our interior design work is experiencing our client’s reactions to their new spaces. We hope you will reach out to us soon, so we may begin on the journey of designing your new favorite place!